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Ward 19: Trinity-Spadina

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Ward 19 is just west of downtown and includes Queen West, Little Portugal, Trinity-Bellwoods Park and more, down to the lake.

We meet as a group at least once a month to take action on cycling issues in our Ward.

This page is kept up to date with event notices and meeting minutes.  Email us at to find out how to get more involved, follow us on Twitter, and visit our Facebook page.

Ride on!

Ward News

Public consultation for Shaw Street contraflow bike lanes
herb on Feb 11, 2013
19 February, 2013 - 17:30 - 20:00

The Shaw bike route will stretch from the Davenport bike lanes down to King (and the Railpath extension once it's built). The open house will discuss the plans and a walk through of the existing contra flow lane on Montrose.


Bob Abate Community Centre Gymnasium
485 Montrose Ave (at Bloor Street)

From King to Dundas the plan is to install sharrows, from Dundas to Dupont, a contra flow lane, and from Dupont to Davenport regular bike lanes.

This project is going forward finally due to the hard work of Cycle Toronto volunteers. The project was approved in 2009 and soon put in limbo due to excessively-cautious bureaucrats at City Hall who objected to contra flow lanes as falling outside the Highway Traffic Act. Cycle Toronto (Ward 14's Laura Pin in particular) lobbied the province to clarify the HTA and that finally happened in January. It appears that there was some solution that allowed the City to move forward.

Minutes, Feb 4th meeting
anthill on Feb 4, 2013

Tonight's meeting at the CSI Annex was pretty easy-going.

Key summary: Anyone interested in helping to organize this year's Bells on Bloor festival?

Items we discussed:

  1. Fort York Bridge
    • Herb noticed that bicycling connectivity was not very well-considered by the development planners, and submitted a 2-page letter / diagram suggesting how to integrate the bridge into the surrounding trails / roads.
    • Jared Kolb might be willing to communicate with the City Transportation Manager to figure out how to handle connectivity issues that development planners might consider 'not my problem'
    • The difficulty in connecting from the Martin Goodman trail northbound is just as bad at Strachan - a deficiency that's been known to the City for years
    • Herb to email Dan Egan regarding the status of bicycle-retrofitting the Strachan/Lakeshore lights
  2. Ontario Draft Cycling Policy feedback
    • Melissa organized and assembled a joint Ward 19 submission to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation
    • Of note: the 2013 Draft Cycling Policy was lacking funding commitments present in a 2011 version (according to Rosario Marchese)
    • One idea that didn't make it: altering the Provincial Planning Policy to require municipalities to consider bicycling in their Official Plans.
  3. Sherbourne Cycle Track Audit
    • Cycle Toronto organized an audit of the facilities. Transportation Services open to adopting suggestions, in principle.
    • Open question (for Antony to send in) - Why is Right-turn traffic yield pattern inconsistent with rest-of-city?
  4. Bells on Bloor
    • Supporting this event was one of our top priorities for 2013, according to last month's meeting.
    • Organizing committee meets Wednesday at 6:30
    • Antony to attend 1st meeting.
    • Looking for a volunteer from Ward 19 to help organize!
  5. Farmers Market stalls in 2013
    • Sheryl/Antony agreed that we need a more focused approach this year - some concrete activities like a tune-up service to draw interest. Less quantity, more quality.
    • Antony to contact Ward 18 about teaming up to do both Dufferin Grove / Trinity-Bellwoods.
  6. Pedestrian Toronto Advocacy Group
    • Rachel mentions that a Toronto Walking advocacy group is in the early stages of formation
    • Meeting in Metro Hall next week. Someone should go.
  7. Richmond / Adelaide Cycle Track study
    • At the Joint Wards meeting last week, two resolutions were adopted:
    • One calling for extending the study area for cycle tracks on Richmond/Adelaide to Eastern Avenue
    • Second endorsing Unidirectional cycle tracks on Richmond and/or Adelaide (as opposed to bidirectional)
    • Herb to contact Mike Layton regarding asking to extend consultation area to Strachan in the west end. Possible support from Palmerston Village, Niagara, or Wellington Residents' Associations?

Next meeting is first Monday in March, the 4th, at 6:30 in the CSI Annex.

Minutes of Wards 19/20/27/28 Meeting - January 15 2013
rajbharati on Jan 28, 2013

Hi All,

Great to see everyone who made it to our last joint-ward meeting!  Attached are the minutes from the meeting (action points in YELLOW, revisions are in GREEN).  

Take a look if you couldn't make it -- we talked about the Sherbourne separated bike lane, passed resolutions relating to the proposed Richmond-Adelaide separated bike lanes, found out what other ward groups are doing, and a lot more...

SAVE THE DATE for our next meeting!

Tuesday, April 2 at 7 PM
CSI-Annex (720 Bathurst Street, just south of Bloor)
Meeting Room 1

(Note: this is a different date than we discussed at the meeting -- March 26 wasn't available at CSI Annex.  Sorry!).


Public meeting on Fort York Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge, Jan 31 6:30pm
herb on Jan 26, 2013
31 January, 2013 - 18:30 - 21:00

The Fort York Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge is intended to provide a key link between Stanley Park to the north and the western area of Fort York grounds to the south, improving the connections between the City, Fort York and the waterfront.

In November 2011, City Council directed City staff to maintain the original bridge design but review new alignment options to reduce costs. The City will host a Community Consultation Meeting to present and discuss these new alignment options for the bridge. This meeting is also to consult on the Planning Application for: 10, 11, 25 Ordnance Street and 45 Strachan Avenue.


Niagara Street Junior Public School (222 Niagara Street)
Thursday January 31
6:30pm – 9:00pm Public Drop-in Event
7:15pm Presentation

W19 Minutes from Jan 7
herb on Jan 18, 2013

Present: Sheryl, Antony, David, Melissa, Herb, Peter
Regrets: Nico

Next meeting: Feb 4, 6:30pm at CSI Annex

1. Herb gave a report on our presentation to the Harbord groups on the cycle tracks proposed.
2. Peter talked about Bells on Bloor and requesting someone from Ward 19 to be on the planning committee for the west end.
3. We did a brainstorm of potential campaigns for this year and then ranked them using the Winning Campaigns Workbook from Alliance for Biking and Walking. The results are here: (Herb added colour to the totals according to how the group felt which we were likely to take on and which we weren't. Green = go! Red = no!) Melissa will take on the Construction standards, Pedestrian/cycling injury stats, and will get the response to the provincial cycling strategy started.
4. Herb said he would share the Winning Campaigns Workbook (linked on this email).

W19 Meeting Feb 4, CSI Annex at 6:30pm
herb on Jan 17, 2013
4 February, 2013 - 18:30 - 20:30

We'll have our next Ward 19 meeting February 4 at CSI Annex - 720 Bathurst - at 6:30pm. We'll sit on the couches on the main level. Anyone interested in bringing a snack?

On the agenda will be finalizing the short list of campaigns this year.

Agenda for Joint Ward Meeting
rajbharati on Jan 15, 2013

Hi all,

Attached is the agenda for tonight's meeting.  I'll only have a few extra hard copies. 

Hope to see you tonight!



Wards 19, 20, 27 and 28 Meeting - Next Tuesday (January 15)
rajbharati on Jan 9, 2013

The ward advocacy groups for wards 19, 20, 27 and 28 will have their next joint meeting next Tuesday!  (Sorry for the short notice.)  Full details:

January 15, 2013

7:00 to 9:00 PM

Centre for Social Innovation - Annex

720 Bathurst Street (just south of Bloor).

Meeting Room #1 (2nd floor) 

(Call me at 416 906 8692 to be let in if the door is locked)

Come on out and let's talk about downtown bike issues.  It may be cold out but bikes are still making news!

Hope to see you next week,

Raj Bharati 


Metrolinx Noise Wall Meeting this Saturday!
Captain Sam on Jan 3, 2013

Concerns about plans to build five metre tall Noise Walls along the Georgetown South rail corridor have prompted the Provincial Government to undertake a review. Metrolinx is preparing a technical study of the need for Noise Walls with electric trains and the Minister of Transportation is looking for feedback from area residents.

To help spread the word and ensure that all interested West Toronto residents have an opportunity to express their views about the Noise Walls, the Junction Triangle Rail Committee is hosting a meeting of representatives from community groups along the Georgetown South rail corridor on Saturday, January 5, 2013 at 1 p.m. at the Perth/Dupont Library (1589 Dupont).

We`re inviting area groups to send a representative to learn more about this opportunity and how residents can easily express their concerns about these massive barriers scheduled to be built in the final phase of construction of the Pearson air-rail link in 2014.

We believe there is no blanket approach to the construction of these barriers. Each community should be consulted about the need for Noise Walls in their community. We want to facilitate an expression of views rather than jam our choice on everyone. "Local Preference" and how to communicate that effectively is the aim of our event.

If you would like to send a representative from the Weston Village Residents Association, please RSVP at


Ward 19 Advocacy Meeting January 7th CSI Annex 720 Bathurst
nkoenig on Dec 29, 2012
7 January, 2013 - 18:30 - 20:00

We'll have our first meeting of 2013 at CSI Annex, lower level. January 7th, 6:30pm. Even though less people bike through cold in January, it is a great time to plan for the spring seanson events and campaigns. Feel free to bring some snacks and new cycle advocates.


  • Cycle Toronto campaigns for 2013
  • Follow up on Brainstorm ideas and determine priority action

Hope to see you then,





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