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Ward 19: Trinity-Spadina

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Ward 19 is just west of downtown and includes Queen West, Little Portugal, Trinity-Bellwoods Park and more, down to the lake.

We meet as a group at least once a month to take action on cycling issues in our Ward. Keep up to date with our Web Events Calendar! (or add it to your Apple Calendar)

This page is kept up to date with event notices and meeting minutes.  Email us at to find out how to get more involved, follow us on Twitter, and visit our Facebook page.

Ride on!

Ward News

West End Ward Group letter on New Liberty St.
anthill on Jan 27, 2015

Hi Ward 18, 19 (and 20),

Here's the letter we sent today to the City planning division about "New Liberty" street, which proposes a multi-use-path that vanishes 300m from Strachan Ave.

If the City doesn't commit to connecting New Liberty to Strachan, they'll squander an opportunity to improve access to/from Exhibition GO station and Liberty Village employment areas.

The City has designed Liberty Village into a car-congested mess.  It's time to start fixing the problem by providing residents, workers, and visitors more effective transportation options.

Please share widely (and with our Ward 13 and 14 colleagues whom I can't post this to). I'm happy to send a (3.5MB) PDF.


-Antony Hilliard

Ward 19


Meeting this Monday (Feb 2nd)
anthill on Jan 26, 2015
2 February, 2015 - 18:30 - 20:30

Hi Ward 19,

Well,  next Monday is not only Groundhog day, but also our next Ward 19 meeting:

Monday, Feb 2nd,

6:30 pm

Butler's Pantry restaurant, Markham Ave. just south of Bloor


We'll be setting priorities for what we work on this year, so if you haven't had the chance to join us for a meeting, now is the perfect time.

Please send in topics you'd like to discuss to, and I'll prepare an agenda. We will mainly follow up on our January meeting, whose minutes are here:

Some successes from this month:

 * Our letter to the City about the poor quality "Liberty New St." proposal is just about done, and will go out this week.

 * The meeting with Mike Layton about 2015 projects was helpful and gave us some guidance on getting things done in the new Council environment

 * We've set up collaboration with other West End wards (14/18/20), and will work on building community support for Bloor St. cycle tracks as well as West Toronto Railpath extensions to Strachan

Will be in touch, but save the date!




New Liberty Village / Strachan streets in the works - and not cycle friendly
anthill on Jan 15, 2015

Hi Ward 19,

Three posts tonight - the first about the plans for "New Liberty St." that are taking shape, and unfortunately are so far squandering a chance to have a safe way to cycle to/from Liberty Village.  See the proposed concept here:,%20Planning,%20Finance%20&%20Administration/Public%20Consultation%20Unit/Studies/Transportation/Libery%20New%20Street/files/POH2/33-36_liberty-poh2.pdf



Though the map is hard to read, it seems there is at least 5 problems with the design. The most obvious that the multi-use path vanishes two blocks before Strachan.  I've listed all I found below, attached from the reply I wrote to the planners.

What do you think?  Did I miss anything?  What should we propose instead? (I lied about having a design to propose).

And most crucially, would a Liberty Village resident be willing to help draft a formal letter to the City and help us pursue this?

It seems a crying shame to build a whole new street and redesign the East Liberty intersection and totally ignore cycling connections... in 2016.





Dear Jason Diceman,

Thank you for the information - I hadn't seen the preliminary alternative yet. It wasn't clear last year when discussing Ordnance that New Liberty had been mostly detailed.

I'll share this with our members.  At first glance, these issues are barriers to New Liberty being a safe, useful complete street:


  1. Motor vehicle lanes widen to 4.1m and the multi-use path vanishes at the private road.  Without connectivity, the multi-use path is useless to children / parents / seniors.
  2. New Liberty doesn't connect for northbound Strachan or eastbound Ordnance cycling traffic, and north-south parking garage access streets nor East Liberty St. have no bicycle accommodation.
  3. Two 5.5% grades are introduced at the private road. Such slopes are difficult for children / seniors to climb, especially without any safe right-of-way to balance in.
  4. The highway offramp-like New Liberty / Strachan intersection introduces three bicycle-car turning conflicts, has poor sight lines.
  5. The turning radiuses for car lanes at the New Liberty / Strachan and East Liberty / Strachan intersection encourage fast car turns through conflicts. Normalizing at 11m radius is sufficient.

The myopic focus on eking out a few percent greater car capacity, in a neighbourhood where King St. and Lakeshore/Gardiner are already completely car congested, seems futile and wastes an opportunity to drastically improve Liberty Village's traffic capacity by 5,000 person/h with a cycling lane.



Consider that the City is readying Complete Streets plans, recognizing that car-dependent neighbourhoods are congested and costly. The bicycle mode-share for Ward 19 is already 12%, despite the generally poor parking-door-zone road conditions that discourage many. Please take this opportunity to design a safe, complete street that gives Liberty Village residents and employees transportation options. Liberty residents want a connection to the Martin Goodman Trail and the future West Toronto Railpath and Trinity-Bellwoods residents the Exhibition GO station.

We have sketched some extended multi-use-path design suggestions. How could we most usefully contribute them at this stage in the design process?


-Antony Hilliard
Cycle Ward 19

Ward events: TONIGHT Ft York Bridge Consultation; City Budget meeting; Cycle Track feedback
anthill on Jan 8, 2015

Hi everyone,

There are a number of bike-related notices in Mike Layton's latest newsletter:

1. There is a public consultation TONIGHT regarding the Fort York pedestrian/cycling bridge
2. There will be a community meeting about the 2015 budget on Jan 21st
3. Your feedback on Richmond/Adelaide cycle tracks is requested

Details are available here:

Melissa & Antony

November & December Minutes catch-up
anthill on Jan 2, 2015

Hi everyone,

In the spirit of new years' resolutions, I've caught up on our meeting minutes.  Have a read if you're interested in catching up on the news in the ward.  Also included are notes from the Toronto Police ride-a-long and TDSB bike-to-school meetings we had in December.


November meeting:

December meeting:

Toronto Police ride-a-long:

Toronto District School Board Active Transportation Charter meeting:

Reminder: Meeting this Monday (5th)
anthill on Jan 1, 2015
5 January, 2015 - 18:30

Hi Ward 19,

Happy New Year - this is not yet another holiday break fundraising email, I promise! That being said, have a read through what we accomplished in the past year:

Our first-monday-of-the-month meeting schedule puts our next meeting just a few days away.  Sorry for the late reminder!

Monday, Jan 5th


Butler's Pantry Restaurant (Markham St. & Bloor)

Unfortunately we'll miss our Ward 20 friends who are meeting the week after, the 12th.

On the agenda could be:

 * Upcoming Mike Layton meeting (16th) ... Want to join us?  What issues should we raise?

  - Shaw / College intersection crossing redesign?

  - West Toronto Railpath Phase II indecision at Sudbury?

  - Bike-friendliness of new  developments? Mirvish site? Garrison Point?

  - More?

 * Campaigns for 2015... what would our members like us to work towards?

  - Needs identified in city's 2015 bike plan consultation - major east-west connections?

  - BIA liasons?  MPP / councillor introductions?

  - Toronto police community policing - can we ask for bike-supportive traffic policing?

* Organizational structure - should we / how to work towards the suggested new "Chair + Three Advocates" management model for ward groups?

* More!  Send suggestions!


Happy new year, thanks for your help with all our 2015 successes.



Action Alert: City feedback on Richmond-Adelaide
anthill on Dec 15, 2014

Hi Ward 19,

Happy Holidays!  Just delivered a Christmas card to councillor Mike Layton, conveying our thanks for his team's work on getting bike infrastructure built in 2014.  He's re-extended his offer of meetings, every other month.  So if you have suggestions for what we should ask Mike to work on at our January meeting, please post or come out to our next meeting.

Speaking of meeting, any opinons on whether we should meet the 1st Monday (5th) in January or the 12th?  Right now I have us down on the 5th, but Ward 20 at least is meeting on the 12th.  Our meeting with the councillor is January 16th, so either will give us time to prepare.

And for the action: The city has asked for feedback on the Richmond-Adelaide pilot.  Please let them know what you think:

It took some arguing with the city to get even flexi-posts installed.  Let's keep the pressure on for proper separation and a completed Richmond-Adelaide cycle track through to Sherbourne and beyond!



Ward Meeting this Monday Dec 1st - West Toronto Railpath!
anthill on Nov 25, 2014
1 December, 2014 - 18:30 - 20:30

Our next meeting is this Monday, Dec 1st, in a special location: the City consultation on the West Toronto Railpath!

Monday Dec 1st, 6-8pm  (I'll be there from 6:30), at
99 Sudbury St. (Queen and Dovercourt)

After the City consultation we can move up the street for coffee / discussion.  The Theatre Centre (Queen / Lisgar St.) has a good café apparently.  Feel free to meet us there at 7:30ish, or contact me by email or twitter @CycleW19 .

Some stuff that's happened since the past meeting:

- MPP Han Dong brunch (how did that go?)
- West Queen West planning walk meeting
- Dutch consulate meeting & CROW manual donation!
- Honest Ed's bike-friendly redevelopment meeting
- Richmond Adelaide pilot feedback to City
- City consultation on 2015 bike plan (Ward 19 represented!)
- CT Skills Swap (recommended new ward group coordination roles we could adopt?)

Whew, excited to hear the news!

See you there, all welcome,

-Antony, Kevin, & Melissa

Ward 19 / 20 Meeting this Monday (Nov 3rd)
anthill on Oct 28, 2014
3 November, 2014 - 18:30 - 20:30

Hi Ward 19 (and 20)

Election season is finally over! Whew. Come share your thoughts on this new Council at our next meeting:

Monday Nov 3rd 6:30pm

Victory Café, Mirvish Village (Bathurst/Bloor)

Ward 20 got Joe Cressy as their new councillor, out of many cycling-friendly candidates. Ward 19's Mike Layton was re-elected with an almost best-in-city 83% of the votes!  So being the most cycling-friendly councillor in the City hasn't hurt his electability, that's for sure.

Some topics for this meeting:

  • Finalizing our input for the 2015 Bike Plan (Kevin to present the draft-in-progress coordinated Ward 14/18/19/20 feedback)
  • Fall events - anyone participated in Bicycle Friendly Business or Refer-a-Rider programs?
  • Outstanding projects on the go: Queen's Park crescent?
  • Outstanding problems?  (Shaw / Dupont underpass lights might be fixed soon!)
  • Priorities for this year - can we still act on Bike Lane Parking and More Contraflow?

Hope to see you there!


Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market tabling
anthill on Oct 20, 2014
21 October, 2014 - 15:00 - 19:00

Hi Ward 19,

A reminder that tomorrow (Tuesday) from 3pm to 7pm Charlie's Freewheels will be accepting donations of old bikes at the Trinity Bellwoods Farmers' Market.  Jon and Sohel, who both work at Charlie's Freewheels, will be on hand to collect the bikes, answer questions, and offer basic bicycle tune-ups.

It would be great to have a few volunteers at the table to talk about our CT ward group and encourage new folks to join us at the next meeting on November 3rd, 6:30pm at the Victory Cafe.  If you're available please come on down & say hello. 

We hope to see you there. Cheers! 

Kevin & Antony


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