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Ward 19: Trinity-Spadina

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Ward 19 is just west of downtown and includes Queen West, Little Portugal, Trinity-Bellwoods Park and more, down to the lake.

We meet as a group at least once a month to take action on cycling issues in our Ward.

This page is kept up to date with event notices and meeting minutes.  Email us at to find out how to get more involved, follow us on Twitter, and visit our Facebook page.

Ride on!

Ward News

Minutes - July 7th, 2014- Ward 19/20 Joint Meeting
the2wheelideal on Jul 11, 2014

Ward 19/20 Joint Meeting

July 7th, 2014


Next Meeting 6:30pm, Aug 11th @ The Painted Lady



Jason, Melissa, Kevin, Laura, Cliff, Deborah, Samantha, Emily



  • Election Season

  • Simcoe

  • No-Stopping Campaign

  • Mashup Map Project

  • Shaw St Door Canvas

  • Push Buttons for Cyclists

  • Dutch Manual of Cycling Guidelines

  • West Toronto Railpath & CAMH

  • Ossington BIA

  • Trinity Bellwoods Park & Bike Wash

  • Ordinance Triangle

  • W20 Meeting with Councillor



  • Election Season

    • W20 has many candidates in the upcoming election

    • Unowned Let’s run an all candidates debate for W20

      • Kevin interested in helping

      • connect with CT Election Working Group about this

      • use the #MinimumGrid question card

  • Simcoe

    • The block south of King (outside Roy Thompson Hall) is just sharrows

    • Tour busses are pulling in and out across the sharrows all the time

      • All file complaints with the city about this dangerous section

  • No-Stopping Campaign

    • Unowned montage or video of the lack of enforcement

  • Mashup Map Project

    • this is a great idea!

    • Justin not at the meeting this week

    • Can we get this off the ground?

    • Does Justin need help?

  • Shaw St Door Canvas

    • 5-7pm, July 28th

    • North of Bloor

    • Mike Layton is organizing and doing this anyway

    • Antony and Kevin volunteered to attend

    • Unowned anyone else?

  • Push Buttons for Cyclists

    • Christina Bouchard referred Antony to James Chandler, Manager of Traffic Control

      • James could help move our request for buttons up the ladder

    • Push buttons would be helpful on Shaw St at King, Queen, Dundas, and Dupont

    • Antony wrote a letter about push buttons

      • Antony to share his letter

  • Dutch Manual of Cycling Guidelines

    • possibly use CT ward group funding to buy a copy

    • Antony to ask TPL and UofT Library to buy copies

  • West Toronto Railpath & CAMH

    • Allies at CAMH:

      • Doctor Nick Gamble (CT member, involved with ARC years ago)

      • Sharon Zilinski (CT member, works in Facilities Dept, member of working group on Dupont bike lanes, offered to be a point of contact for anything on the QSW CAMH campus)

    • directions we could take:

      • start CAMH staff letter-writing or petition campaign?

        • Samantha to forward to Antony the letter she sent to CAMH

      • future: set up meeting with CAMH to explain

        • who to include?

        • print large plan views

          • from nearest point on the Railpath to Richmond/Adelaide

          • the CAMH site

      • convince city staff to push for this connection

        • maybe via PWIC

        • Kevin to ask head office where is the best place to start

        • media advisory?

        • public petition?

    • Considering the timeline for Railpath extension and R/A we need to identify this as a priority project

  • Ossington BIA

    • newly established

    • Angela in Mike Layton’s office is talking with OzBIA about coordination with proposed streetscape improvements

    • Head of OzBIA is owner of the Painted Lady

    • We will hold our next meeting at the Painted Lady and invite the head of the BIA

      • Laura to bring ideas from the Cycling Think & Do Tank

      • Emily to contact owner and invite

      • topics for conversation:

        • Argyle - possible parkette in bumpout at Ossington?

        • bike parking

        • how we can help her and the OzBIA?

  • Trinity Bellwoods Park

    • Bike Valet is not happening soon, maybe test something in Sept & Oct

      • Kevin to report back on contact with Brian Greene and HQ

    • Bike Wash!  Tues July 29th!

      • Antony to invite Mike Layton (& mayoral candidates?)

        • and to ask for support from Marco Bianchi, Communications Staffer in Layton’s office

      • Kevin to speak with John Gibson House re setting up in the lane

      • Emily to make signs (can you host a sign making party in the park?)

      • Kevin, Melissa and Antony to promote on social media (fb & tw)

      • Kevin to let Carolyn Wong know

  • Ordinance Triangle

    • Emily, Laura volunteered to help

  • W20 Meeting with council candidates

    • Infra issues to raise:

      • Portland St (possible N/S bike route)

      • Simcoe St (extend north of queen, south of queen see above)

      • Alexandra Park

      • Queen’s Park Circle

      • Harbord/Hoskin

    • Bike Buddies ride with interim Councillor Ceta Ramkhalawanshingh

  • Next Meeting 6:30pm, Aug 11th @ The Painted Lady


Thursday night talk: Cycling and the Local Economy
anthill on Jul 11, 2014
17 July, 2014 - 19:00 - 20:30

Hi all,

The University of Toronto's student bike center, BikeChain, is running a talk this Thursday night on why local business benefits from cycling infrastructure.  Tickets are free!

It may feature speakers from the Cycling Think and Do Tank, a great research group featuring Cycle Toronto board member Beth Savan.



Ward 18 Condition Survey
anthill on Jul 3, 2014

Captain Liz Sutherland from Ward 18 has asked if any of us 19/20ers who ride through Ward 18 (Ossington to the train tracks, south of Bloor) have an opinion:

The survey above asks how you feel about cycling conditions in Ward 18.  They've got 350+ responses already and hope to get to 400!

Click through if you're interested...


Save the date: Next Meeting Monday July 7th
anthill on Jun 16, 2014
7 July, 2014 - 18:30 - 20:30

Hi Ward 19/20,

Just a heads up that we're sticking with the "First Monday of the month" rule for our meetings.  That makes next meeting

Monday July 7th, 6:30pm

The Butlers Pantry, south of Honest Ed's (patio, weather permitting)

You can keep in touch with all our upcoming events at our google calendar here:




P.S. Thanks Justin for the great minutes!


Open Letter regarding Ordnance Point development
anthill on Jun 16, 2014

Hi Ward 19/20,

Today we sent an open letter to Diamondcorp about the proposed 5-tower, 1600+ unit development at Strachan and Ordnance (the one with the beautiful Fort York Bridge!). It comes with endorsments by the Fort York, Liberty Village, and Bathurst Quay residents' associations.

We of course want proper integration of the Exhibition GO station, Martin Goodman Trail, Railpath Phase 2, and Richmond-Adelaide protected lanes, but it starts with this development getting it right!

I'd welcome any feedback on the letter.

Let us know if you have time/energy to help with this campaign.  Mike Layton's office will hopefully get a committee motion to direct staff to improve cycling on Strachan and Ordnance this week.  Next, we will probably meet with the developer and see what the City can press them to negotiate.


-Antony Hilliard

Good news Tuesday
anthill on Jun 10, 2014

Hi Ward 19,

So it seems we had a good day at council - motions passed for both:

* Proper snow clearing for key Ward 19/20 bike lanes (a seven-year contract!!!)

* Piloting Richmond-Adelaide separated bike lanes in July

Big thanks to Councillor Mike Layton for moving the snow clearing plan ( and for all those who helped Shovel-In-On-Shaw last winter to get some news coverage! ).

Am typing this from Holland - the legends are true!  I've been taking notes whenever I pass through a 1960s Toronto-like junction that has made space for bicycle infrastructure.

I hear that the next meeting is the first Monday of July ( 7th ), at the Butlers' Pantry again.  See you there!



Ward 19/20 Meeting this Monday!
anthill on May 28, 2014

Hi Ward 19 and 20,

Sorry for the late notice, but our next meeting is coming right up on this Monday, June 2nd.  Bike Month is here!

Location will be the Butlers' Pantry (just south of Honest Ed's on Markham Ave.).  We're returning there in the hopes that the patio will be nice and sunny!  If not, look for people indoors.

Time is still 6:30pm.

Agenda will recap our recent successful activities in the past month!  As always, email ward19 [at] with suggestions for things you'd like to discuss.


-Antony, Melissa, and Kevin


1) Successes in past month:
 - Bike with Mike
 - Environment Day
 - First steps on Shaw contraflow program
 - First steps on Bike Buddies (Paul's project!)
 - Open letters on Harbord, Richmond-Adelaide, Eglinton
 - First steps on Ordnance Condo bike integration
 - Video collected for Harbord Bike to Work Day counts

2) New Bike Month activities needing volunteers:
 - Bike Wash
 - Bike Trivia Night

3) Simmering issues

 - Strachan/Lakeshore

 - Contraflows

( See Mike Layton meeting minutes )

4) Need help with meeting minutes
 - Anyone willing to help as secretary?  Antony can't keep up!

Help with "Bike with Mike" event, Sunday May 25th?
anthill on May 13, 2014
25 May, 2014 - 10:30 - 17:00

Hi Ward 19,

Since we haven't planned any Bike Month events (at least as a group), Mike Layton's community biking festival looks to be our big bash of the year.  The event runs from noon-5pm:

If you can help staff the table, run some tricycle races (we got three!), or just enjoy the event, please sign up to help here:

The consensus at the last meeting was "just add tricycles and some trailblazing fun people, and it will work".  That being said if you have ideas, post them!

There will be Chocosol, and a good chance of free chocolate drinks at the end of the day...

Good times!



Help with Community Environment Day, Fred Hamilton Park, Thursday May 22nd?
anthill on May 13, 2014
22 May, 2014 - 16:00 - 20:00

Hi Ward 19,

Anyone feel like meeting some neighbours, handing out maps, and being part of this year's Ward 19 Community Environment Day in Fred Hamilton Park, 4-8pm?

I can set up a table and get the swag kit from Cycle Toronto central.  But I need help to run the table.  Would be great to meet some new faces, if you haven't come out to the monthly meeting this is a great chance to get involved.

Possible extra activities we could do if we could get the resources together:

- Mechanic stand for tiny tuneups

- Shaw "Thank You" letter to show community support for contraflow lane?

If you can spare an hour that evening, please sign up for a shift here or email :

Thanks for your time!


Please send emails to Public Works regarding Harbord and Richmond/Adelaide
herb on May 11, 2014

You can send your emails to and mention the item number in the subject line of your email. Richmond/Adelaide has gotten a lot of notice but so far very few people have sent in their wishes for an improved Harbord. We don't know how much resistance there will be about taking away parking on Harbord so the more support the better!

  • Harbord agenda item PW31.6
  • Richmond/Adelaide agenda item PW31.7 

Regarding Harbord and Hoskin:

- the staff are proposing to provide separation on Hoskin but not on Harbord because of its narrower width. Please ask the City to lower the speed limit if we can't get separation from fast motor vehicles.

Regarding R/A:

- The staff have no solution for how people will cross Queen, Richmond while biking on the proposed Simcoe bike lane. There need to be traffic lights otherwise it'll be very hard--and dangerous--to cross these busy streets. Please also ask the City to install traffic lights on Simcoe.

That's it for now! Thanks!

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