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Ward 19: Trinity-Spadina

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Ward 19 is just west of downtown and includes Queen West, Little Portugal, Trinity-Bellwoods Park and more, down to the lake.

We meet as a group at least once a month to take action on cycling issues in our Ward.

This page is kept up to date with event notices and meeting minutes.  Email us at to find out how to get more involved, follow us on Twitter, and visit our Facebook page.

Ride on!

Ward News

Action Alert: City feedback on Richmond-Adelaide
anthill on Dec 15, 2014

Hi Ward 19,

Happy Holidays!  Just delivered a Christmas card to councillor Mike Layton, conveying our thanks for his team's work on getting bike infrastructure built in 2014.  He's re-extended his offer of meetings, every other month.  So if you have suggestions for what we should ask Mike to work on at our January meeting, please post or come out to our next meeting.

Speaking of meeting, any opinons on whether we should meet the 1st Monday (5th) in January or the 12th?  Right now I have us down on the 5th, but Ward 20 at least is meeting on the 12th.  Our meeting with the councillor is January 16th, so either will give us time to prepare.

And for the action: The city has asked for feedback on the Richmond-Adelaide pilot.  Please let them know what you think:

It took some arguing with the city to get even flexi-posts installed.  Let's keep the pressure on for proper separation and a completed Richmond-Adelaide cycle track through to Sherbourne and beyond!



Ward Meeting this Monday Dec 1st - West Toronto Railpath!
anthill on Nov 25, 2014
1 December, 2014 - 18:30 - 20:30

Our next meeting is this Monday, Dec 1st, in a special location: the City consultation on the West Toronto Railpath!

Monday Dec 1st, 6-8pm  (I'll be there from 6:30), at
99 Sudbury St. (Queen and Dovercourt)

After the City consultation we can move up the street for coffee / discussion.  The Theatre Centre (Queen / Lisgar St.) has a good café apparently.  Feel free to meet us there at 7:30ish, or contact me by email or twitter @CycleW19 .

Some stuff that's happened since the past meeting:

- MPP Han Dong brunch (how did that go?)
- West Queen West planning walk meeting
- Dutch consulate meeting & CROW manual donation!
- Honest Ed's bike-friendly redevelopment meeting
- Richmond Adelaide pilot feedback to City
- City consultation on 2015 bike plan (Ward 19 represented!)
- CT Skills Swap (recommended new ward group coordination roles we could adopt?)

Whew, excited to hear the news!

See you there, all welcome,

-Antony, Kevin, & Melissa

Ward 19 / 20 Meeting this Monday (Nov 3rd)
anthill on Oct 28, 2014
3 November, 2014 - 18:30 - 20:30

Hi Ward 19 (and 20)

Election season is finally over! Whew. Come share your thoughts on this new Council at our next meeting:

Monday Nov 3rd 6:30pm

Victory Café, Mirvish Village (Bathurst/Bloor)

Ward 20 got Joe Cressy as their new councillor, out of many cycling-friendly candidates. Ward 19's Mike Layton was re-elected with an almost best-in-city 83% of the votes!  So being the most cycling-friendly councillor in the City hasn't hurt his electability, that's for sure.

Some topics for this meeting:

  • Finalizing our input for the 2015 Bike Plan (Kevin to present the draft-in-progress coordinated Ward 14/18/19/20 feedback)
  • Fall events - anyone participated in Bicycle Friendly Business or Refer-a-Rider programs?
  • Outstanding projects on the go: Queen's Park crescent?
  • Outstanding problems?  (Shaw / Dupont underpass lights might be fixed soon!)
  • Priorities for this year - can we still act on Bike Lane Parking and More Contraflow?

Hope to see you there!


Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market tabling
anthill on Oct 20, 2014
21 October, 2014 - 15:00 - 19:00

Hi Ward 19,

A reminder that tomorrow (Tuesday) from 3pm to 7pm Charlie's Freewheels will be accepting donations of old bikes at the Trinity Bellwoods Farmers' Market.  Jon and Sohel, who both work at Charlie's Freewheels, will be on hand to collect the bikes, answer questions, and offer basic bicycle tune-ups.

It would be great to have a few volunteers at the table to talk about our CT ward group and encourage new folks to join us at the next meeting on November 3rd, 6:30pm at the Victory Cafe.  If you're available please come on down & say hello. 

We hope to see you there. Cheers! 

Kevin & Antony

Meeting this Monday (Oct 6th)
anthill on Sep 30, 2014
6 October, 2014 - 18:30 - 20:30

Hi Ward 19,

So, meeting coming up again, while Ward 20 is setting their own agenda we will still meet at the same place & time to collaborate (and socialize!):

Monday, October 6th, 6:30pm

Victory Café, 581 Mirvish St. ( )

Please come out and join us, as the election approaches there's a lot happening!  Some news and events of the past month:

  1. Harbord restriping in progress (I wrote a little critique of the Queens Park Ct. W intersection here: )
  2. Richmond-Adelaide flexipost install
  3. Strachan / Lakeshore bicycle crossing signal activated (still with a cheap-out pushbutton installation 6' from the stop line)
  4. "Walk your Wheels" medallions appearing, even next to multi-use-paths (e.g. )
  5. Bells on Bloor / Bikestock, biggest ever turnout on Danforth ride.
  6. Charlies Freewheels has confirmed for Oct 21st tune-up day at Trinity-Bellwoods.  Need to mobilize bike donations!

Big question:

Han Dong (MPP, Trinity-Spadina) has agreed to meet with representatives on Friday October 10th, 3:30pm.

  • Who can go? We're invited to bring "a few".  Should include Ward 20 people.
  • What to discuss?  Nothing too heavy for first meeting.  Provincial #CycleON policy? Metrolinx?
  • A little of his background - does not bike, as far as we know.
Strachan Avenue Report, Spring 2011 by Ward 19 Cycle Toronto
herb on Sep 10, 2014

For the record (and so I can link to it on twitter) I'd like to bring your awareness to the 2011 report on Strachan Avenue cycling improvements that the Ward 19 group drafted and sent to Councillor Layton and City staff. The report was very warmly accepted by Layton as being easy to read and easy for him to support and propose in motions to PWIC and City Council. I recommend it as a template for future asks of the City.

This report is a strong reason why the City has now installed a northbound light at Strachan and Lakeshore to make cycling safer and remove the need for a two step crossing at the crosswalk.

I think this report also strongly influenced the installation of lights at East Liberty and Strachan even though we requested a four-way stop.

Meeting this Monday (Sep 8th)
anthill on Sep 2, 2014
8 September, 2014 - 18:30 - 20:30

Hi all, just a reminder that we're meeting next at the Butler's Pantry restaurant, in Mirvish Village, at 6:30 this Monday.

Very excited to have Samantha Green joining us, she's offered to take on the Ward 20 Captain role.

Minutes from the last meeting are still here, check if you have anything to follow up on!

Some items we could discuss:

 * BikeStock September 14th!

 * Ward 20 candidates' debate?

 * Strachan avenue construction

 * Election strategy?

 * Ongoing projects from last meeting.

 * More... ?




News Update
anthill on Aug 27, 2014

Hi Ward 19/20,

Five updates, two on tabling, one on CAMH, one on Metrolinx, one on a Thursday social.

Next meeting still September 8th. Also, be sure to go to Open Streets TO bright and early this Sunday (31st)!

1) We said "no" to the Fort York Common Ground festival Sep. 20th - Kevin could set up a table, but nobody had time to carry on and take down.

2) This Friday morning / evening rush hours, Cycle Solutions is running a tune up tent at the Martin Goodman Trail and Strachan (in part for the CNE traffic).  We have an invitation to appear to hand out Minimum Grid swag.  Anyone interested?  4:30-7:30pm.  Email us at

3) Two weeks ago the City consultation department organized a meeting between Cycle Toronto (Herb and I), the City Cycling department (Egan, Saikat), and the CAMH facilities director (Doug).  We walked through the south-west corner of the CAMH campus and discussed better connecting the Adelaide cycle route to the West Toronto Railpath extension.

Outcome: CAMH initially opposed a through-campus south side cycling route (because of their 20-year site reconstruction master plan).  After discussing it with the City, CAMH is more supportive, as long as we support them if they have to close/detour bicycle traffic for a few months at a time in the 2016-2018 range.  However, we're waiting for followup on how much / quickly they can be persuaded to improve the through access.

Given this, I'm not sure how we should proceed - do we wait in the hope that the CAMH administration will act?  Or do we continue to approach cycling-friendly doctors with a "Good news, this is happening" message?

4) I've been exchanging emails with Metrolinx about the (lousy) temporary arrangement on Strachan at the Liberty Village train tracks.  The PR person has responded back with vague excuses, no committment to improve matters, and no timeline to complete the project.  Frustrating.  At least they need to remove the "CYCLISTS DISMOUNT" signage and replace with the "SINGLE FILE TRAFFIC, NO PASSING" sign used at the Dufferin bridge.

The councillor's office is a bit distracted (it being election season and the last meeting) so I'm not sure what to try next.  Any suggestions?

5) I'll be at the HandleBar (in Kensington Market) Thursday for a meet and greet, representing a typical "ward captain".  If you need to renew your membership, stop by to do the paperwork and you'll get a free beer!



Want to plan Advocacy with Cycle Toronto Central?
anthill on Aug 20, 2014

Hi Ward 19/20,

Cycle Toronto's Advocacy Committee is taking applications for new members.  Details here:

This is a great way to make a difference in whole-city advocacy issues (beyond our local Wards).  If you're interested, have a look!


Letter to Metrolinx about Strachan avenue construction
anthill on Aug 12, 2014

Great meeting yesterday everyone!  I'll get the minutes typed up in the next days.  For now, here's the letter I sent to Metrolinx this weekend about the vanishing bike lanes on Strachan.

Haven't got any response yet, perhaps Melissa will have news for us from visiting their community office face-to-face?

Ward 19 <>

Aug 9 (3 days ago)

to gts@Metrolinx, Councillor Layton, LVRA, BQNA, FYNA

Dear GO Transit Georgetown community liason,


We've been hearing complaints from Ward 19 residents about the

switchover to the new bridge on Strachan Avenue and the lack of

accommodation for bicycle traffic.


As you know, Strachan is a crucial north-south cycling connection, the

only one between Roncesvalles and Simcoe, 5 kilometers apart.


The Toronto Standard Specifications for Road Works TS reads

"The Contractor shall provide and maintain safe and convenient

facilities for bicycle traffic through the area under construction.

Where a bicycle lane or bicycle path exists within the work area,

temporary facilities shall be provided."


The mediocre standard of accommodation has already contributed to two

hospitalizations from collisions in your construction site ( ). Your

construction hoarding blocks sight lines. Recently, the northbound

cycling lanes disappeared and pinched cycling traffic against bus and

trucks without signage due to badly aligned jersey barriers.

Un-repaired excavation north of Wellington continues to do the same.


We would like to know why your construction plan does not accommodate

temporary facilities for cycling traffic, and how long it will take

for you to complete the permanent road arrangement for Strachan




-Antony Hilliard

Captain, Ward 19 Cycle Toronto



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